Craig's Personals. WTF are People Thinking?

Recently while looking on Craig's List for a new (used) tv, I saw the personals section. Always one to get a kick out of personal ads, I decided to read a few. What I saw really made me shake my head in disbelief.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don't stop riding my flesh hole baby! - w4m

I'm seeking for some nice, clean guy to perform oral sex with me. I am 27 years old, 5'4", 120lbs. I don't like guys who have health issues, boring, and disrespectful. Casual encounter only! curious? contact me on ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

This little minx sure does have a way with the english language doesn't she. Nothing like the term "flesh hole" to get one's afternoon kicked off correctly. Oddly enough she is posting to Craig's List looking for men to ride her flesh hole, yet she does not want anyone disrespectful. Not sure you're going to find anyone fitting that description here dear. I was going to reply to her, but I have a health issue. I'm also a bit boring if you must know.

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Christopher Murphy said...

I am totally stealing that line