Craig's Personals. WTF are People Thinking?

Recently while looking on Craig's List for a new (used) tv, I saw the personals section. Always one to get a kick out of personal ads, I decided to read a few. What I saw really made me shake my head in disbelief.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

In a cast? - w4m - 23

I love fucking someone in a cast...well the idea....never have before but its a fantasy of me out...

Sorry for the delays folks. Been busy building a new web site for friends. Anyhow, I went looking on CL today for some interesting posts. I found this one. talk about your crazy fetish. Casts? I wonder what would happen if it were my dick in a cast?

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Anonymous said...

remember the shitty movie Victory, where they break the keepers arm to get Stalone into the game. I am willing to do that for butt sex with chick.